Friday, August 10, 2012

Half Sour Pickles

Do you like Half Sour Pickles? I do.
Summer is the perfect time to make them.  These pickles are easy to make, are ready to eat in just three - four days and are crunchy and delicious.

Small pickling cucumbers (enough to fill 1 Quart jar)
Enough water to cover said cucumbers
2 Tbsp (per 4 cups of water) pickling salt (or sea salt)
4- 5 garlic cloves cut in half
3-4 stems fresh dill (with seeds and flowers)
1 tbsp black pepper corns
1 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tbsp celery seeds
3-4 fresh black currant leaves (or horseradish leaf)
1 tarragon stem (optional)

Wash the cucumbers well and let them soak in a bowl of cold water for an hour. Put the cucumbers in a clean glass canning jar. Add the spices, the garlic cloves,  black currant leaves, tarragon and dill to the jar.

Dissolve the salt in the boiled water and pour into the jar over the cucumbers. Make sure the cucumbers are completely under the water.

Cover and let sit for three or four days in cool shaded space. Then move to the fridge to chill.


  1. That is too cruel! I can almost feel the flavor... I am looking at them and drooling... I will make some, too. The recipe is excellent, I agree with every word you said!

    1. Thank you! I look at the picture and I want them right now. But I'm at work:))

  2. Thanks for sharing-) I need to try it-)

  3. Half sour Pickles i love them and will make it on my own henceforth in a jar to have often.

    Sweet Pickles